Editorial. 21.1. 2017. Where are we heading?


hold your head up with joy and hope







"Hold your head up with joy and hope."

We’ve moved on into a new year.  But the world hasn’t become a happier place. As we listen to the daily news we might wonder, “Where is it all heading?”

As Christians, we rest assured that there will be a good outcome. Jesus told us ( Luke 21) that the world will not be an easy place to live in and men’s hearts will be afraid.  We are told that when we see these worrying things happen to “Hold your head up with joy and hope. The time when you will be set free will be very close."

Read verse 27 of that chapter. If you have never believed that Jesus will return, believe it now!

For he also said in verse 34, “Be careful. If you aren't, your hearts will be loaded down with wasteful living, drunkenness and the worries of life. Then the day the Son of Man returns will close on you like a trap. You will not be expecting it”. (NRIV)

Will you be ready?


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