Meditation. 18.02.2018. SO CLOSE (Zechariah 12)


Only one hundred years ago many of the events in this chapter

were something either totally foreign or could only be dreamed

about. Now we live in a time when all that is left to be fulfilled

from these chapters could happen in a very short space of time.


One hundred years ago the nation of lsrael was scattered through-

out the world and their land was just a piece of desert between the

river and the sea. But now, with Israel back in their land and once

again in possession of their capital city, Jerusalem, we can see God

bringing things into place for these final dramatic prophecies to

be fulfilled. And again, Jerusalem, ignored by so many for centu-

ries, is now a stumbling block to the world, the focus of the worlds

politicians, and the hinge of world peace.


One hundred years ago we could not have imagined a plague that

would rot flesh, eyes and tongues while people just stand there and

wonder what happened. But now it is easy to see that chemical,

biological or nuclear warfare could easily produce these results.


We are closer now to the great day of judgement than we have ever

seen before. The return of Christ is just around the corner. Let’s

put in that extra effort today, to be ready for the time to come.


This meditation is taken from the book ‘Thinky Things Vol 2’ by Robert Prins. Used by permission.
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