Meditation. 17.12.2017. Emergency only?

Road Sign 1 When driving along our highways one frequently sees signs such as these. Of course most people communicate by mobile these days in an emergency but it is still possible to be in an area where there is no mobile signal so these emergency phones along the way can save a lot of distress.

 They remind me of our journey along life’s highway.

 How often is it that we ‘travel’ through the day and it is not until we have an emergency that we think to use our lifeline – our prayer to God.

 We ‘expect’ God to be there whenever we need to call on Him, yet we so often hardly give Him the “time of day”. If we are walkingRoad Sign 2 beside friends we talk to them along the way. God wants this too. Constant communication – sharing the good times and the bad; giving praise and thanks; seeking guidance and help.

Start the day;  fill the day;  end the day… with prayer.                                                                     J.A.