Gods Promises to Abraham / Blessings or Curses

This week we are looking at two short prophecies . Both concern the nation of Israel but the first also contains a prophecy which can include ourselves.




How have Gods' promises to Abraham been fulfilled?

God promised Abraham that through him and his descendant (seed or offspring), all families, or races, would be blessed. You can read about these promises in the Book of Genesis (Gen 12v3, 17vs 4-6, 22 v18.) and many references are made to them later in the Bible.

Although God had a very special purpose with Israel, Abraham's descendants through his wife Sarah (Gen 17v21), yet he was also concerned for people of all nations. Abraham became a father of various nations because not only the Jews but also the Arabs can look to him as their ancestor (patriarch).


      (Hagar)                                    (Sarah)                                     (Keturah)












In the New Testament we learn that Abraham's most important descendant was JESUS CHRIST. (read Gal 3v16). Jesus, Abraham's descendant is the one who will bring blessings to all nations. He is the one who can save us from sin and death. He is the one who will come to rule the world and make it a happy place, full of people who love to walk in God's ways. So we look forward to further fulfillment of these prophecies.

The Bible says that through faith and baptism, we can have a share in the promises made to Abraham and to Christ. (read Gal 3vs26-29).


 When Moses arrived with the people of Israel at the South-Eastern border of Canaan, he told them that God was setting before them "life and death, blessing and curse. (read Deut 30v19). If Israel loved God and tried to obey His Word, they would be blessed, but if they turned away from Him, severe punishments would come upon the nation. The terrible details of these events that would come to Israel are given in Deuteronomy chapter 28.

All the detailed troubles which were to come on disobedient Israel have been fulfilled throughout history. Often  God allowed surrounding nations to punish Israel. Then God gave them another chance after each occasion. Thus He allowed first the Assyrians and then the Chaldeans (Babylonians) to carry many of them away as captives. They were allowed to return again after 70 years in Babylon in 538 B.C.. When Jesus made a final appeal to Israel, they responded by putting him to death! So, in A.D. 67, the Romans besieged Jerusalem and, three years later overthrew it, after a terrible famine had been experienced in which the Jews even ate their own babies! (read Deut 28vs53-54). Following this, the Jews have been scattered all over the world and persecuted exactly as the chapter in Deuteronomy forecast.

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