Step 2



Step Two covers two weeks and takes you into the Old Testament first, then into the New Testament.

·        Week two looks at the events following the Creation, in the early chapters of Genesis.

·        Week three looks at the new beginning when Jesus went about doing good and preaching the saving gospel. 


· In creating the earth and the first man and woman, God had an ultimate purpose in mind

.· This purpose is that the earth will be filled with men and women who have chosen to serve God and give Him glory (Numbers 14:21). These people of faith will be given everlasting life in the kingdom of God on earth (Isaiah 45:18, 23. Matthew 5:5. Daniel 7:27).

· An essential stage in this plan was the miraculous birth of God’s Son – Jesus Christ. His perfect obedience to God’s will was vital to the plan.

· The Bible is vital too, as a means of telling us what WE have to do