Step 5



This fifth step forward takes you through sixteen weeks to complete a half year of reading God’s Word. Already you have read marvellous and comforting records of God’s work and love.

  • The notes are still only brief but by now you will be picking out vital points from the chapters yourself.
  • There are sometimes difficult or obscure matters in the readings. God has wisely designed the Bible so that we shall always have plenty of interesting and exciting things to discover all through our lives. We shall never finish finding out ALL there is to know from God’s Word.
  • We can however, (and we must) come very soon to learn the essential teachings and message. If we come across problems it is always best to let Scripture interpret Scripture. The answers to our questions are often in the same chapter as our problem
  • So look back at what you have already read, make use of footnotes and references, or a concordance if you have one. You may access these online.
  • Continue to read prayerfully every day.