Week Eight



  • The divinely recorded life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) contains many parables with the life of Jesus. This is one of the many ways in which the Old Testament prefigures the coming Christ and even foreshadows his rejection by his own people.


Joseph  Jesus
Joseph was loved by his father.  Jesus was God’s well-beloved Son.
Joseph was hated by his brothers.  Jesus was rejected by his own people.
Joseph learned patience through experience.  Jesus was ‘made perfect through suffering’.
Joseph was imprisoned and later released.  Jesus was released from the grave by God.
Joseph was called Zaphnath-paaneah (The Saviour of the world).  Jesus IS the Saviour of the world!
Joseph saved his brothers and forgave them.  Jesus will forgive his people and save them.
Joseph was exalted to be next to the King. Jesus has been exalted to receive God’s Name and will be King of the world.



Day 1: Genesis 32 Jacob’s name was changed to ISRAEL (a prince of God) because he trusted God.
Day 2: Genesis 33 Jacob now acknowledges that all his blessings are from God, including his children (verse 5) and his goods (verse 11).
Day 3: Genesis 37 The ‘Coat’ denoted social rank and position in the family and could have indicated that Joseph was given an official and priestly position - usually the right of the firstborn. This made the brothers envious. His dreams were God’s revelation of his future.
Day 4: Genesis 39 Joseph, like Jesus, served others well. See verses 4 and 22. He refused temptation (verses 7-8).
Day 5: Genesis 40 Joseph, still serving (verse 4) but soon forgotten, (verse 23). In this too he was like Jesus, forsaken by those he came to help.
Day 6: Genesis 41 It was God who brought about the release of Joseph.
Day 7: Genesis 42 Joseph knew his brothers before they recognised him. It is the same with Israel who do not yet recognise their Saviour