Week Fifteen



  • Luke, the physician, was a Gentile helper of the Apostle Paul; he also wrote the Book of Acts. See Acts 1:1.
  • He sets out ‘in order’ (verse 3) the events of Christ’s life against the historical background of the Roman times. See for example: 1:5, 2:1; 3:1, 13:1, 21:24.
  • The record shows Jesus as the Great Physician, and as the Son of man and Saviour, first of Israel but also of the Gentiles. See Luke 2:32.
  • In chapter 3 Luke gives us the genealogy of Jesus via Mary daughter of Heli (verse 23), thought Joseph her husband is named after the normal custom. The line is traced back through Nathan, a son of David, back to Adam who was made by God (verse 38). Thus Jesus is shown as being linked with all men, for we are all descendants of Adam.


Day 1: Luke 1 The Son of God (verses 32-35) will sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem, forever, (verse 33). He is a virgin’s son (verse 27) and God is his Father by the Holy Spirit (verses 31, 35).
Day 2: Luke 2 Jesus, born in David’s town will bring joy (verse 10) and peace (verse 14) to the world when he is King.
Day 3: Luke 4 Jesus endures temptation and then commences his great work of preaching and redemption as foretold in Isaiah 61:2.
Day 4: Luke 6 Jesus still says, “Follow me” (verses 11, 27). Dare we? It needs a new outlook (verse 38). Peter knew that (verse 8).
Day 5: Luke 7 Jesus was always moved (verse 9) when anyone showed faith. He still looks for faith from us. Jesus knows the hearts of all men (verses 39-40, 47).
Day 6: Luke 9 Verse 18. Who do men say that I am? He is Son of God, Son of man Saviour and coming King!
Day 7: Luke 10 Knowledge about who Jesus is may be hidden to those who are proud (verse 21). The Good Samaritan is a challenge to every man.