Week Fifty


·        Daniel was one of the captive Jewish princes taken to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

·        His inspired book is a blend of prophetic dreams and exciting events showing God's care for his people. 


  • God gave Nebuchadnezzar  a dream portraying a history of certain empires, the last of which is the Kingdom of God. The rest of the prophecy of Daniel develops this theme.

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  1. Babylon
  2. Persia
  3. Greece
  4. Rome
  5. Today's World
  6. Christ's coming Kingdom


Day 1: Daniel 2 The present kingdoms of man will be replaced by the Kingdom of God (verse 44) which will stand forever.
Day 2: Daniel 3: We must worship God. The courage of faith will enable us to face anything which man can do to us (verses 17-18).
Day 3: Daniel 5 The kingdoms of man (like Babylon) are 'weighed on the scales
Day 4: Daniel 6 Daniel's experiences pointed forward to those of Christ who was put in a sealed tomb (verse 17) but God saved him.
Day 5: Daniel 7 The kingdoms of man are like beasts, in God's eyes. God will set up His own Kingdom (verses 14, 27).
Day 6: Daniel 9 Despite Israel's sin God promised a Messiah and Saviour (verses 25-26) in swift response to Daniel's prayer (verse 21).
Day 7: Daniel 12 God's people will be delivered (verse 1), there will be a resurrection and judgment (verse 2).