Week Fifty-One


  • The Twelve – the books which follow Daniel in the Old Testament are sometimes called the "Minor' prophets because they are shorter.
  • But their message from God is just as important and the great themes are the same as those of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.
  • We can only now look briefly at five of these books but when you proceed to Step 7 you will eventually read all the books.


Day 1: Hosea 13 This prophecy depicts God's love despite Israel's unfaithfulness. God's people (whether Jew or Gentile) (1:10) need to be led (verse 5), need a King (verse 10) and need to be saved from death (verse 14). See 1 Corinthians 15;54-57).
Day 2: Joel 3 All nations are to come to Jerusalem in battle. Then God will intervene through Christ.
Day 3: Micah 5 Jesus, born in Bethlehem (verse 2), is the Good Shepherd who will save and lead his people (verses 4-5).
Day 4: Zechariah 8 When Israel are fully restored and have repented (verses 7-8), all nations will have to respect them as examples of God's marvellous dealings (verse 23).
Day 5: Zechariah 12 Only when Israel accepts Christ as their Saviour (verse 10) will they be fully restored.
Day 6: Malachi 3 Israel will be purified (verse 3) when Jesus comes in judgment (verse 2). If we, now, reverence God and commit ourselves to Him He will treasure us (verse17).
Day 7: Malachi 4 The Old Testament closes on a note of blessing (verse 2) or cursing (verse 6). Which will it be for us? Israel failed to please God. May we be different?