Week Five



  • Matthew tells us about Jesus as the King of the coming Kingdom of God promised in the Old Testament.
  • The Kingdom is described as ‘the kingdom of heaven’ (because it belongs to God) but it will be on EARTH when Jerusalem is its capital.
  • The ‘call of Christ’ is in many ways like God’s call to Abram. It requires belief in the same promises made sure in Christ and a life of willing discipleship.


  • Jesus often taught in parables. They were designed to help the humble understand the gospel of the Kingdom and to confound the proud and antagonistic. The parables can teach much more to ‘those who have ears to hear’ and they are wonderful aids to the memory.
  • Some parables, like the Sower ( Matthew 13) tell of the preparation stage of the Kingdom. Others, like that of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25) tell us of the future.


Day 1: Matthew 8 The many miracles performed by Jesus were a witness to the truth of his teaching and his ability to help those in need.
Day 2: Matthew 9 Verses 6, 9. Forgiveness of sins is possible through Jesus. Matthew was called to follow Christ. We need to learn about Jesus if we are to follow him.
Day 3: Matthew 10 Verses 2-4. The Twelve left everything to follow Jesus. We need their faith which puts God first without counting the cost. (verses 38-39).
Day 4: Matthew 11 Verses 2-3. Jesus’ reply to John’s enquiry was to quote Isaiah 35 (which is about the future kingdom).
Day 5: Matthew 12 Verses 15-21. Jesus’ manner was a fulfilment of Isaiah 42, verses 1-4. God’s servant was to invite, not to force people.
Day 6: Matthew 13 This chapter contains seven parables about the Kingdom. Notice the important stages in verse 23: (a)Receiving…(b)Hearing…(c)Understanding God’s word.
Day 7: Matthew 14 Jesus always thought of others – the sick (verse 14), the hungry (verse 19), Peter’s faith (verse 29), Peter’s fear (verse 31).