Week Forty


  • Jerusalem was chosen by God to 'place His Name there' ( 1 Kings 8:29; Psalm 87).
  • It will be the focal point for religious and civil law for the worldwide kingdom of God backed by the authority and power of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 2:3-4).
  • It will be the capital city of the great King (Psalms 2, 122, 149), at the centre of the continents, just as Jesus said (Matthew 5:35).


Day 1: Psalm 103 God bestows countless benefits on man, but, finally, man dies (verses 14-16). God will save those who are His children (verses 3-4, 11-13).
Day 2: Psalm 104 God is made known by his gracious provision for mankind. Man should gratefully acknowledge the goodness of God (verse 33) before it is too late (verse 29).
Day 3: Psalm 110 This is the Psalm which Jesus quoted to prove his divine origin (Matthew 22:44) and it speaks of his coming kingdom on earth.
Day 4: Psalm 122 The peace of Jerusalem (verse 6) will mean peace for the whole world when Jesus and his helpers (verse 5) reign.
Day 5: Psalm 146 God is good to the helpless (verses 7-9) and men should trust him and not the great men of the earth who must in any case die (verses 3-4).
Day 6: Psalm 149 When Jesus and his followers reign in Zion (verses 1-2) they will rule with irresistible authority (verses 6-9).
Day 7: Psalm 150 For god's goodness and way of salvation give thanks while you are still alive (verse 6).