Week Forty-Eight


  • Ezekiel was a priest who was taken captive to Babylon where he prophesied.
  • He was called upon to enact many prophecies. He was called a 'man of sign' and 'son of man', pointing forward to Christ.
  • A most exciting prophecy in chapter 37 relates to our days! It describes the revival of Israel, a modern miracle, and forecasts her coming King (verse 22). The land will, however, again be invaded from the North (chapter 38) but God will intervene.


Day 1: Ezekiel 2 God's message must be passed on, whatever the response from the hearers (verse 5).
Day 2: Ezekiel 3 Those who know the Truth have a responsibility to tell others (verses 17-18). Ezekiel fully discharged his work.
Day 3: Ezekiel 18 Individuals, once they understand, must accept responsibility for their own sins (verses 4.32).
Day 4: Ezekiel 36 These events, involving Arab opposition to Israel, are happening today, and are evidence to us (verse 10).
Day 5: Ezekiel 37 The revival of Israel today, after approximately 2000 years, is a miracle and a witness to God's Word. What other explanation is there of Israel's dramatic revival?
Day 6: Ezekiel 38 A forthcoming invasion of Israel from the North (verse 150 will be overthrown by Divine intervention (verses 18-23).
Day 7: Ezekiel 39 Israel finds peace when her enemies are destroyed. God will then bless and purify her from her sins.