Week Forty-Five


  • Faith is the foundation of our relationship with God. We must learn to trust his gracious promises; we can never deserve them.
  • But faith cannot exist unless we show it in our lives. Faith without works is dead because it is alone.
  • Faithful men must live faithfully.


  • James was a half-brother of Jesus and he was not converted until Jesus rose from the dead. Later he became the 'bishop' of the 'ecclesia' at Jerusalem (Acts 15).
  • His epistle is very practical and shows the inescapable need for faith to be demonstrated by actions.


Day 1: Hebrews 12 We have many fine examples of faith to follow (verse 1) but the best of them all is Jesus and we must look to him (verse 2).
Day 2: Hebrews 13 Jesus is the greatest example for us all (verses 7-8). Only in him have we hope by his death and resurrection (verses 20-21).
Day3: James 1 Temptation is from within (verse 14). See what Jesus said in Mark 7:21. Wisdom, re-birth and a crown of life are blessings from God for men of faith (verses 5,18,12).
Day 4: James 2 Faithful thoughts should result in faithful actions (verses 21-26).
Day 5: James 3 The tongue is best controlled by a mind filled with God's Word (verse 17).
Day 6: James 4 The 'world' (verse 4) means those who live without God. We must choose between 'the world' and God. humility is the password (verse 10).
Day 7: James 5 The people of God must live and work patiently till the coming of Christ (verse 7).