Week Forty-Four


  • God provides ample evidence that he is God and that He is true.
  • The heavens and their wonders tell of His power (Psalm 19).
  • His Word, so miraculously preserved (1 Peter 1:25) proclaims His Plan and Purpose.
  • Christ is His faithful and true witness (Revelation 1:5) who by his way of life, his miracles, his death and his resurrection proclaimed the true God and eternal life (1 John 1:1-2).
  • The apostles, prophets and all true believers witness by their works and manner of life.
  • Israel are God's special witnesses that God id God and that what He says comes true (Isaiah 43:12).


Day 1: Isaiah 40 God speaks his comfort to frail mankind (verses 1-8) and promises wonderful things through Christ (verses 6-11,31).
Day 2: Isaiah 42 This is the first of a series of promises concerning 'The Servant'. Jesus was God's servant and witness (verses 1-8). This chapter is quoted in the New Testament ( Matthew 12: 18-21; 3:17).
Day 3: Isaiah 52 Jesus was God's messenger (verse 7) and servant (verse 13). God's people should be holy too (verse 11)..
Day 4: Isaiah 53 A marvellous description of the rejection of Jesus 700 years before it happened. God's servant (Jesus) would suffer because of sin and sinners (verse 11) but would triumph at the last (verses 10,12).
Day 5: Isaiah 55 God has given Jesus as a witness and a leader (verse 4). If we respond now (verse 6) we can have forgiveness (verse 7) and become heirs of the Promises (verse 3).
Day 6: Isaiah 60 Israel will be restored – further witness to God's goodness and faithfulness.
Day 7: Isaiah 61 Jesus knew that verses 1-2 referred to him and he read them aloud in Nazareth (Luke 4: 16-21). He is the bridegroom who will bless the nations (verses 10-11).