Week Forty-Nine


  • John, the disciple of Jesus, wrote a gospel record, three short epistles and the Book of Revelation.
  • He was called the 'disciple whom Jesus loved' (although he loved every one of them!) and the twin themes of LOVE and TRUTH occur frequently in the epistles.
  • Already false teaching was creeping into the Church. By the end of the second century AD the Truth had been largely replaced by the false doctrines.


Day 1: 1 John 1 Fellowship with God and with Christ can only be held out to those who walk in the light of God's Word (verse 7). Confession of our sins paves the way to forgiveness and cleansing (verse 9).
Day 2: 1 John 2 Those who walk in the light are God's children. Together they await Christ's coming (verse 28). The way of the world and those who follow it will pass away (verse 17).
Day 3: 1 John 3 What wonderful love God has shown for us (verse 10. Those who are God's children will be made like Christ at his coming (verse 2).
Day 4: 1 John 4 Those who are Gods' children know the Truth (verse 10 and love one another (verse 7). Then they will be ready for the day of judgment (verse 17).
Day 5: 2 John Those who are God's children know the Truth and love one another.
Day 6: 3 John Those who are God's children walk in the Truth (verses 1-4) and show love to all (verse 5).
Day 7: Jude Those who are Christ's need to earnestly contend for the faith (verse 3) which was once given for all time. God can preserve our steps until Jesus comes again (verses 24-25).