Week Forty-One


  • Timothy was a young convert of the Apostle Paul. He had been brought up at Lystra with a good foundation of Scriptural knowledge (2 Timothy 3:15).
  • When he became the 'bishop' or guide of the believers at Ephesus. Paul wrote to him with advice.
  • It was at Ephesus that Paul had warned of the dangers of departing from the one true Gospel ( Acts 20:28-32).
  • In these Epistles (letters) written soon before his martyrdom in Rome, Paul again outlines essential First Principles of the Faith, which cannot be altered.


Day 1: 1 Timothy 1 First principles: 'Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners' (verse 15). God alone is King over all: He is worthy of all honour and glory. (verse 17).
Day 2: 1 Timothy 2 A first principle: There is one God and one mediator between men and God, the man Christ Jesus (verse 5).
Day 3: 1 Timothy 6 A first principle: God alone has immortality and has never been seen by man (verse 16).
Day 4: 2 Timothy 1 A first principle: Immortality is promised but only through Jesus Christ (verse 10).
Day 5: 2 Timothy 2 A first principle: Jesus Christ was a descendant David and was raised from the dead (verse 8).
Day 6: 2 Timothy 3 A first principle: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God ('God breathed')(verses 15-16).
Day 7: 2 Timothy 4 First principles: Jesus will return, raise the dead and judge them, and establish his kingdom on earth (verses 1,8).