Week Forty-Seven


  • Peter the fisherman followed Jesus faithfully for more than three years, but, to his bitter regret, denied him when Jesus most needed him.
  • By the resurrection Peters' faith was re-kindled and Jesus gave him the commission to 'feed his flock' (John 21: 15-18).
  • Peter became an early preacher of the Gospel, first to the Jews (Acts 2:9) and also to the Gentiles (Acts 10-12). He suffered imprisonment on several occasions and according to tradition, was finally martyred, as forecast by Jesus.

His epistles, addressed to Jewish believers scattered throughout the world, proclaim the leadership of Jesus as the Chief Shepherd of the flock. Believers are reminded of their holy calling in a dark world. They must expect suffering and trials. But God's promises in Christ are sure, and through him we can escape the judgments coming on the world.  



Day 1: 1 Peter 1 God in heaven has reserved an inheritance for the faithful. It will be revealed, eventually, on earth (verses 4-5) at the second coming of Jesus (verse7).
Day 2: 1 Peter 2 Like Israel of old, believers are called to be a special people (verses 9-10) with consequent responsibilities (verse 12). They must endeavour to live exemplary lives (verses13-17).
Day 3: 1 Peter 3 Christ is our example and we must suffer for him (verse 14). We must be baptised into him (verse 21) to be saved (like Noah). 
Day 4: 1 Peter 5 Christ is the Shepherd of his people and will glorify them when he comes again (verse 4).
Day 5: 2 Peter 1 God makes great and precious Promises through Christ (verse 4) of eternal glory in his Kingdom (verse 11). The Bible is reliable as God's Word (verse 21).
Day 6: 2 Peter 2 God saved Noah (verse 5) and Lot (verse 7) and can save US from the coming judgments (verse 9), if we remain in Christ (verse 20).
Day 7: 2 Peter 3 The 'heavens and the earth' (verse 7) means the human governments and peoples (the 'world'). They will be replaced by the Kingdom of God (verse 13). See Isaiah 65: 17-25.