Week Forty-Three


·        This Epistle, addressed first to Jewish believers, sets out the supreme position of Jesus Christ above all that had gone before.

·        He is BETTER than anyone or anything else – except God only.

·        He is the one promised in the Old Testament who will come again to fulfil the PROMISES and reward the faithful of all ages. (See chapter 11). 


Day 1: Hebrews 1 God sent His Word by the angels and the prophets, but best of all through His Son, Jesus (verse 1), who is greater than all.
Day 2: Hebrew 2 Although he was the Son of God, Jesus shared our nature so as to overcome 'the devil' (sin) and death (verse 14), and provide salvation for many (verse 10).
Day 3: Hebrews 3 We need faith in the Son of God (verse 6) but, having believed, we must remain steadfast to the end (verse 14).
Day 4: Hebrews 4 Joshua did not give Israel eternal rest (verse 8) but Jesus will provide it for his people eventually (verses 9-11).
Day 5: Hebrews 5 Although he was the Son of God, Jesus needed to learn obedience and to be saved from death (verse 8). But he will be King-Priest like Melchizedek (verse 10).
Day 6: Hebrews 10 Christ is the perfect, final and only effective sacrifice for sin (verses 11-13). We need faith in it (verse 38).
Day 7: Hebrews 11 Faith is confidence in God's promises (verse 1). Without faith it is impossible to please God (verse 6). All the names in this chapter are people who had faith in God's promises (verses 39-40), and their faith affected the lives they led.