Week Fourteen



  • The Exodus, accompanied as it was by many great miracles, demonstrated that God is the only God.
  • Each plague was a direct challenge to the so-called ‘god’ of Egypt, which were powerless.
  • The slaying of the firstborn ( the plague of death), was brought about by  Egypt’s refusal – nine times – to release the Israelites, and was God’s final act of deliverance of His people, His firstborn.
  • The deliverance from Egypt and the slaying of the ‘passover’ lamb (so called because  the angel of death could ‘pass over’ the houses where the blood was sprinkled) are remembered in the yearly Passover Feast of the Law of Moses, by Jews, and the week-by-week remembrance of Christ the ‘passover lamb’ by true followers of Jesus.


Day 1: Exodus 8 To deny the miracles in Egypt would be to believe in ten impossible coincidences! We would still be left with the question: How did Israel get out of Egypt?
Day 2: Exodus 9 ‘My people’ (verse 1). The Hebrews (children of Israel) are God’s witnesses (Isaiah 43: 12.21).
Day 3: Exodus 10  We should teach our children and our grandchildren about God and His ways (verse 2).
Day 4: Exodus 11 Eleven times in seven chapters God says ‘that you may know’. He gives us ample evidence of His existence.
Day 5: Exodus 12 The Passover Lamb pointed forward to Jesus, ‘the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world’ (John 1: 29).
Day 6: Exodus 13 God chose to lead Israel towards the Red Sea (not the normal caravan route to Philistia) (verses 17-18).
Day 7: Exodus 14 The miraculous crossing through the Red Sea (verse 22) was like a baptism for Israel. See 1 Corinthians 10:1-2. It spelt death for the Egyptians.