Week Seven



  • Roman domination of the land and people of Israel in the days of Jesus was almost total. Many patriotic Jews therefore would eagerly have followed anyone who could promise them hope of freedom from the Romans.
  • Jesus of Nazareth obviously had the power to do it. His miracles showed that. But he had already rejected the temptation to snatch at human glory. His Kingdom was to be a future one and would be given to him by his Father. First he must conquer Sin in order to free men from its bondage and from death. Then he would be fit to be King of the Earth.
  • His followers too must learn to rule themselves before they could become rulers of others. And their concern must be for the Kingdom of God, not for the politics of this world.



Day 1: Matthew 15 Jesus knew that sin arises for the heart (mind) of man, it is that which needs cleansing (verses 18-19)
Day 2: Matthew 16 Jesus is the Christ ( the Jewish Messiah) and he is the Son of God (verse 16). He forecasts his death (verse 21). Would-be disciples must follow the path of self-denial (verses 24-26).
Day 3: Matthew 17 The transfiguration of Jesus was a foretaste of Jesus in glory as future King. See chapter 16, verse 28 and 2 Peter 1:16-17.
Day 4: Matthew 18 To be ‘as little children’ ( verse 3) means to be trusting (not childish), accepting all God says.
Day 5: Matthew 19 Everlasting life in the coming Kingdom will be given to those who follow Christ (verse 27-29).
Day 6: Matthew 20 Jesus knew what was going to happen to him (verses 18-19). The Old Testament had foretold it. He believed he would be raised from the dead (verse 19).
Day 7: Matthew 21 Verses 1-11 only partially fulfilled Zechariah 9:9. The rest will happen when Jesus comes again as King of the world.