Week Seventeen



  • The Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11) contains the vital elements of all prayer – humility, praise, recognition of God’s will, His coming Kingdom, His daily provision and our own need of forgiveness and strength.
  • God is Holy (Luke 11:2). His covering for our sin is needed if we are to approach Him. Man cannot provide his own salvation.
  • Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way, no other truth and no eternal  life without him.
  • Christ is the only real mediator between God and men (1 Timothy 2:5). It is through him that prayer and worship must finally be offered.


Day 1: Luke 11 Our daily bread, both physical and spiritual comes from God and we must thank Him for  both.
Day 2: Luke 12 Verse 31. If we week first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness He will make provision for all we really need.
Day 3: Luke 13 Entrance into the Kingdom requires effort on our part (verses 24-29) even though God provides. Jesus foretells his death at Jerusalem (verse 33).
Day 4: Luke 14 Nothing must come before God in our lives, preventing us from accepting His invitation (verses 15-20). Humility is the way of Christ (verse 11).
Day 5: Luke 15 God wants men to return to Him. Like the father in the parable He comes out to meet those who repent.
Day 6: Luke 16 ‘Moses and the prophets’ and the resurrection of Jesus provide joint evidence sufficient for all (verse 31).
Day 7: Luke 17 The Pharisees professed to be waiting for Christ but did not recognise him when he came. He was ‘within’ (among) them and they would not accept his teaching (verse 21).