Week Six



  • God chose certain of Abraham’s family to continue the line which would eventually lead to Christ.
  • He repeated the same PROMISES to them, promises which would be fulfilled through the one particular descendant – Jesus Christ.


Day 1: Genesis 22 One of the great chapters of the Bible. God tested (verse 1 ‘did tempt’) Abraham to let him show his faith. Later God was to give HIS own Son!
Day 2: Genesis 26 God’s promises to Isaac (verses 1-4) are related to Abraham’s obedience (verse 5) and again concern all nations of the world.
Day 3: Genesis 27 Rebekah knew Jacob was to be blessed (see chapter 25, verses 19-34). Even so, she should have waited for God to do it.
Day 4: Genesis 28 God (not Isaac now) gives Jacob the PROMISES, as made first to Abraham (verses 13-15). He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (verse 13).
Day 5: Genesis 29 Jacob had to learn patience. He was 20 years in Laban’s house, serving for Leah, Rachel and cattle (chapters31-41).
Day 6: Genesis 30 The sons born to Jacob, including Joseph’s sons, were to be ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel (chapter 46, verse 3 and Exodus 1; 1-7).
Day 7: Genesis 31 God brought Jacob back again, just as He promised (chapter 28, verse 15) to bring the nation of Israel back to the Land of Promise in our day (Jeremiah 30:3).