Week Thirteen



  • Mark’s record contains many references to many miracles performed by Jesus.
  • Some people try to dismiss miracles as impossible or unnecessary. A little thought however shows just how important the miracles are.
  • Miracles have been different for different ages in history:

a)     For Pharaoh – the ten plagues

b)     In New Testament times – the miracles of healing

c)      In later days – the preservation of the Bible)     Today – the miracle of the survival of Israel

  • Miracles are acts performed by God in the affairs of men in order to bring them to faith or to warn them of judgment to come. They were evidence that God was at work in the prophets and in Jesus.


Day 1: Mark 10 Jesus came to redeem men by his superlative life (verses 43-45). ‘Son of David’ (verse 47) was the title of the Messiah. See God’s promise in 2 Samuel 7:12-16. Isaiah 9: 6-7.
Day 2: Mark 11 Jesus comes to Jerusalem for the last week of his life. The fig tree (verses 12 -14) was symbol for the nation of Israel. See also chapter 13: verses 28-29.
Day 3: Mark 12 Jesus taught in the court of the Temple. Verse 26 ‘The God of Abraham’ is another echo from Exodus 3:6 which we read last week.
Day 4: Mark 13 Verse 33. ‘Be on guard! Be alert!’ is good advice for us, with Christ’s coming so near.
Day 5: Mark 14 The breaking of bread looks forward to the coming Kingdom (verse 25). Mote Peter’s fear (verses 66-71). Compare this with Acts 4:31. Only the fact of the risen Christ could account for such a change!
Day 6: Mark 15 If the manner of Jesus at his death showed he was the Son of God (verse 39) how much more would his resurrection prove it!
Day 7: Mark 16 The greatest morning since Adam left Eden! Jesus IS Son of God, Saviour and coming King. This is the gospel to be believed. Baptism follows (verses15-16).