Week Thirty-Eight


  • Death is real (Psalms 88,90). It came into the world because of sin.
  • Everlasting life in God's Kingdom is the Bible hope. Therefore there must be a resurrection from the dead for those who are heirs of the Kingdom.
  • Those who put their trust in God will be blessed abundantly with everlasting joy and peace.
  • The Psalms continue to proclaim this theme and to show us that NOW is our opportunity to choose between life and death.


Day 1: Psalm 67 The future world-wide kingdom is described here. Only God can bless with PEACE. See Numbers 6: 24-26.
Day 2: Psalm 72 The future Kingdom is again described. The king will be Messiah who is Christ. Note the moral, social and political changes there will be.
Day 3: Psalm 88 Verses 10-12. There is no consciousness in death. Now is the day of opportunity while we still live.
Day 4: Psalm 90 This Psalm was written by Moses. It contrasts the eternity of God with the brevity of man's life. Therefore we should use our time wisely.
Day 5: Psalm 91 God is the refuge and protection of those who trust Him. Those who have faith will be saved.
Day 6: Psalm 95 Here are more references to the need for faith and action while we still live. There is a final day of rest for the faithful (verse 11).
Day 7: Psalm 96 God will judge the world with righteousness when Jesus comes (verse 13 and 98:9). See Acts 17:31 which echoes this Psalm.