Week Thirty-Four


  • At the centre of God’s Word are the Psalms or Songs.
  • They are concerned with Prayer and Worship. Although expressing the experience of individuals in times past, they are timeless in much of their message.
  • Here you can find true expression of:  humility, praise, confession, outpourings of the heart and re-statements of the Hope of Israel and the Promises of God.
  • Here the Lord Jesus gained solace and strength, as he did from all the Scriptures. Some of the Psalms may have been written by Moses, Solomon, Hezekiah or others but most were Psalms of David. All were inspired by God as their contents prove.
  • Many Psalms are ‘Messianic’, that is, they point forward to the Messiah – to his sufferings and death, to his resurrection, to the Divine Sonship and to the glories of his coming Kingdom.
  • Scores of quotations from the Psalms occur in the New Testament.
  • There are Psalms for all seasons and circumstances…whether you are in sorrow or joy, in fear or exultation.


Day 1: Psalm 1 Christ also had a delight in God’s Word. He meditated in it day and night (verse 2).
Day 2: Psalm 2 Christ is God’s Son (verse 7), the appointed King who will rule in Zion (verse 6) over all the earth (verse 8). (Quoted Acts 4:25: 13:33 and Hebrews 1:5; 5:5).
Day 3: Psalm 6 Death is an enemy (verse 5). Deliverance is for those who believe in Christ (John 3:16).
Day 4: Psalm 16 Deliverance from death was promised for Christ himself (verses 8-11). (Quoted in Acts 2:30-32; 13:35)
Day 5: Psalm 19 Only the Word of God (verses 7-11) can show us up for what we really are (verse 12) and make us what we really should be (verses 7-9).
Day 6: Psalm 22 Christ came to save sinners (verse 5). His sufferings are foretold in this chapter (for example, verses 16, 18).
Day 7: Psalm 23 Christ, like God, can be our shepherd to save us from death (verse 4) and guide us to eternal life (verse 6).