Week Thirty-One


  • Many books of the New Testament are letters written by the Apostle Paul to individuals and groups of believers (‘ecclesias’ or ‘churches’) in different parts of the world.
  • Some were written while Paul was making his missionary journeys as described in the Book of Acts.


  • This letter was written during Paul’s third journey. See Acts 19:21 and Romans 15: 25-26.
  • The ‘ecclesia’ at Rome consisted of both Jewish and Gentile converts. Paul tells them of their common need of salvation as children of Adam by whom sin and death came into the world. He extols the mercy and grace of God in Christ by whom redemption is available to all.
  • We are all born ‘in Adam’ and all need salvation through faith and baptism into Christ (chapter 6).


Day 1: Romans 5 As Adam’s descendants, we are all sinners by nature (verse 12). Righteousness and eternal life come only through Christ (verses 19, 21).
Day 2:Romans 6 The ‘old man’ (associated with Adam) must be buried and the ‘new man’ (associated with Christ) put on, in baptism (verse 4).
Day 3:Romans 8 Verse 8. They that are ‘in the flesh’ (still ‘in Adam’) cannot please God. But if we follow Christ we shall be saved by his love (verses 28, 38-39)
Day 4:Romans 9 Righteousness cannot be achieved through our own ‘works’ but by faith in Christ (verses 30-32) and by God’s grace.
Day 5:Romans 10 Faith in Christ comes by hearing God’s Word (verses 13-17). We must believe that Jesus died and rose again, and that he is Lord (verse 9).
Day 6:Romans 12 God asks for LIVING service, not dead sacrifices (verse 1).
Day 7:Romans 13 World governments are installed by God (verse 1, compare Daniel 4:17, 25: 32). Time is precious. Life in Christ is urgent (verse 11). We need to ‘clothe ourselves with’ Christ (verse 14).