Week Thirty-Six


  • Like all the Books of the Bible, the Psalms, because they come from God, contain the same unity of teaching and message.
  • Some of the Gospel themes to be found include:


  • the suffering Saviour
  • the Son of God  
  •  the future King

           THE KINGDOM OF GOD  -   will really be established on earth with Israel at its centre and Jerusalem as its headquarters.


           DEATH OR LIFE –  the facts of sin, pain and death are underlined; the hope of life,   through God’s mercy, is sure to those who seek forgiveness and trust in Him.  


Day 1: Psalm 32 God will provide a covering for our sin (verses 1-2), if we seek him in time (verse 6). See Genesis 3:21; Galatians 3:27; Matthew 22:11.
Day 2: Psalm 37 The meek (humble) believe God and will be those who, with Christ, will inherit the earth for ever ( verses 11, 18, 22, 29, 34, 37).
Day 3: Psalm 45 In this Psalm we have a description of King Jesus (verses 1-9) and his Bride (his people) (verses 10-14).
Day 4: Psalm 46 God will make war to cease everywhere (verse 9) when He sets up His Kingdom. All will honour Him (verse 10).
Day 5: Psalm 48 Zion (Jerusalem) will be the capital of the future Kingdom (verse 2), (Matthew 5:35), after a time of world trouble (verses 6. 8-9).
Day 6: Psalm 49 Man, apart from the Gospel, is without hope and death is the end (verses 12, 20). But the true believer will be raised from the dead (verses 14-15).
Day 7: Psalm 51 David was the repentant sinner of this Psalm, but it can give us hope too (verses 8-19). Repentance takes place in the heart (verses 6, 10).