Week Three



  • The New Testament begins with the ‘family tree’ of Jesus to show his connection with Abraham (Genesis 12) and King David (1 Samuel 7).
  • Matthew (the tax-gatherer who became a disciple) was chosen by God to write and show that Jesus was the promised messiah foretold in the Old Testament.
  • Notice the frequent references to the Old Testament with such words as: ‘as it is written’…


    SOLOMON                 NATHAN

    JOSEPH                  MARY

                Later married to Mary ( Luke 3)                  (Matthew 1:16)


    Day 1: Matthew 1 Jesus is the Son of God (verses 18-20) and, through his mother, was a descendant of David (1000 BC) as promised in the Old Testament.
    Day 2: Matthew 2 The Son of David was destined to be a King and would be born in Bethlehem like David as foretold by Micah (700 BC) (Micah 5:2 and Luke 1:32).
    Day 3: Matthew 3 God’s promise to send a Saviour, with a forerunner (John the Baptist) was made through Isaiah (700 BC) (Isaiah 40:1-5). Jesus was baptised by John as an act of humble obedience (verses 15-17).
    Day 4: Matthew 4 Notice how Jesus trusted the Word of God (old Testament) when resisting temptation (verses 4, 7, 10).
    Day 5: Matthew 5 The Sermon on the Mount teaches us how to live the true Christian life (chapters 5-7).
    Day 6: Matthew 6 Do we pray for God’s Kingdom to come, when Jesus will be King and put the world right again?
    Day 7: Matthew 7 We need to build on the sure foundation of Christ and God’s Word to be safe (verses 24-27). Salvation is not for everyone but all who really want it may have it (verses 13, 19, 21).