Week Twenty-Eight


  • The book of Samuel tells us about the development of Israel into a kingdom. Samuel was the last of the ‘judges’ and Israel demanded that he should make way for a king, like the nations around them.
  • But Israel had forgotten that God was their King. In rejecting Samuel they rejected God. Saul was given to them as king but he did not obey God (chapter 15) and God eventually had to reject him.
  • The story opens with the birth and ministry of Samuel. The Philistines were the main enemy of Israel at this time. The Ark of the Covenant was captured by them (chapter 4) though it brought them trouble (chapter 5).
  • They were defeated when Israel returned to the worship of God (chapter 7) under Samuel.


Day 1: 1 Samuel 1

The ‘temple’ (verse 9) was the Tabernacle set up in Shiloh.
Day 2: 1 Samuel 2 Compare verses 1-10 with the words of Mary in Luke 1: 46-65. Hannah’s prayer of faith had been answered and she rejoiced. Samuel would be given to God (1:28). Israel were decadent and the priests were covetous.
Day 3: 1 Samuel 3 Verse 4.Samuel is called by God and the aged Eli instructs him how to answer.
Day 4: 1 Samuel 8 God was the Judge and King of Israel whom they had rejected (verse 7). Israel was the kingdom of God at that time but did not appreciate it.
Day 5: 1 Samuel 9 Saul was a big man (verse 2) but not big enough spiritually for the Kingdom of God, as chapter 15 will show.
Day 6: 1 Samuel 10 Note how God helped Saul at first (verses 6, 9, 26). God wanted Saul to trust Him and ensure success in his kingship.
Day 7: 1 Samuel 15 Saul failed to put God first and did not fully obey His instructions. Although sacrifice was commanded it was only a means to an end – obedience which was far more important (verses 22-23).