Week Twenty-Nine


·       The Apostle Paul’s experience in going up to Jerusalem and possible death, and his various trials before both Jews and Romans were like those of his beloved Master.

·       Later, however, he was to go, by sea, as a prisoner to Rome, there to face trial before Nero, the Roman Caesar. His journey resulted in the Gospel being spread even more and several letters which form part of the New Testament were written by him from Rome. 

Paul Rome map.JPG



Day 1: Acts 22 Christianity was called THE WAY (verse 4). See 9:2; 19:9, 23. Jesus is the WAY of approach to God (John 14:6).
Day 2:Acts 23 God even used the Roman army to protect  Paul and help to spread the Gospel (verses 23-24).
Day 3:Acts 24 THE WAY involved belief in the Old Testament promises (verse 14) and in resurrection (verse 15).
Day 4:Acts 25 Paul’s experiences were similar to those of Jesus’ own trials in Jerusalem (verses 2, 6).
Day 5:Acts 26 Verse 18 contains a summary of the Gospel. Paul’s powerful preaching provoked even King Agrippa (verse 28).
Day 6:Acts 27 “Be of good cheer” (verse 22) is more than just the optimistic ‘Cheer up’. It is a reminder that we have every reason to be full of hope and courage when we believe in God.
Day 7:Acts 28 Being lightly chained to a soldier must have been hard for the much travelled preacher, but it was God’s way. From here many of the New Testament letters were written.