Week Twenty-Seven


  • We continue the interesting story of the Acts of Jesus and his Apostles.
  • The Apostle Paul made extensive missionary journeys often at great danger to himself. Chris appointed him particularly to preach to the Gentiles, but, even so, he usually paid his repects to the Jewish synagogue first of all.
  • The Roman world, with its improved roads and largely common language, was the background against which the Gospel spread rapidly.


Paul map.JPG


Day 1: Acts 15 Verses 14-17. The events of this chapter were crucial to the success of the Gospel. The call of the Gentiles was foretold in the Old Testament (for example, Amos 9:11-12).
Day 2: Acts 16 Belief (verse 31) and Baptism (verse 33) are again seen to be essential for all who would be saved (verse 30).
Day 3: Acts 17 The resurrection of Jesus is God’s guarantee that he will send him to judge the world (verse 31).
Day 4: Acts 18 The Jews had waited for MESSIAH = CHRIST = God’s anointed prophet, priest and king. Jesus is the Christ (verse 28).
Day 5: Acts 19 It is too easy to go with the crowd in an unthinking manner. See verse 32. But Christ is greater than Diana.
Day 6: Acts 20 Notice the affection among the disciples (verses 1, 31,36-38).
Day 7: Acts 21 The company (fellowship) of other believers is one of the greatest blessings of life in Christ (verses 4,5,7,8,16,17). It involves caring for one another and sharing one another’s feelings.