Week Twenty-Three



  • The book of Acts was written by Luke (1:1) and was a continuation of his gospel record.
  • It could rightly be called “the Acts of Jesus and his apostles”. See verse 1 – “all that Jesus BEGAN both to do and to teach”.
  • Christ victorious over death was now at work establishing through the apostles companies of believers in Israel, in Samaria and elsewhere (1:8).
  • The same themes continue, based as they were on the promises contained in the Old Testament:

(a)   The coming Kingdom on earth.

(b)   The work of Jesus as Saviour and King.

(c)   The resurrection of Jesus was the assurance of resurrection for his followers and of the Kingdom of God.

(d)   The need for men to repent, believe the gospel and be baptised. 


Acts 1 Notice the clear promise, early in the book, that Jesus will REALLY come back in person to earth (verse 11).
Acts 2 Peter who denied Jesus three times now witnesses fearlessly in Jerusalem. Repentance (turning, thinking again), belief and baptism are essential (verse 38,41).
Acts 3 Jesus will return to restore God’s Kingdom as stated by all God’s holy prophets including Jesus (verses 20-21).
Acts 4 What a claim! (verse 12). Only Christ and his teaching can save. No ‘other’ religion will do.
Acts 5 Notice the continuing witness to the resurrection of Jesus (verse 30) and the proclamation of him as both Saviour and King.
Acts 6 The evidence of the resurrection was overwhelming. Even many of the Jewish priests believed (verse 7).
Acts 7 The first death of a believer witnessing for Christ. Stephen showed how Israel as a nation had always rejected God and now they had rejected His Son (verse 52). Saul of Tarsus was party to the execution (8:1).