Week Two



· The name ‘Genesis’ means the book of the ‘beginnings’. It tells us about the beginnings of the earth and man.

· It tells us too about the origin of male and female and how sin and death came into the world.

· It contains the first references to God’s provision of a way out for sinful mankind. In fact, Genesis is a vital foundation for understanding the Bible.


Day 1: Genesis 2 Note the special creation of man (verse 7) and of woman (verse22) and the true marriage relationship (verse 24).
Day 2: Genesis 3 God had said that sin (disobedience) would bring death (verse 3) and so it did (verse 19). See Romans 5: 12.
Day 3: Genesis 4 Man is now dying and in need of salvation. He can serve God by faith and have hope of eternal life (verse 4 with Hebrews 11:4) or give himself over to sin like Cain who killed his brother (verses 5-8).
Day 4: Genesis 5 Cain’s descendants (of chapter 4) are contrasted with the better line from Seth (verse 3 onwards) leading to Noah.
Day 5: Genesis 6 Only Noah and his family were separate from the violent society now existing (verses 5, 11-13).
Day 6: Genesis 7 Noah believed that God’s judgments were coming on the evil world and as commanded he built the Ark. We need faith in God’s Way (Hebrews 11:7) and must prepare for the judgments to come (2 Peter 3: 1-7.11-13).
Day 7: Genesis 8 God remembered Noah (verse 1). The dove with the olive branch has become a symbol of peace (verse 11). God will never destroy the earth (verse 22 and (9: 13-15).