Meditation. 28.01 2018. Jealousy and Quarrelling


Do jealousy and quarrelling make up any part of your life? Most

of us have had feelings of jealousy at sometime in our lives and, in

the same way, we are sure to have been found quarrelling.

But Paul describes this sort of behaviour as worldly and, if we

can rephrase his term "Infants in Christ," - childish. (1 Corinthians



Jealousy comes from a feeling of inferiority. It comes when you

consider that you are not as good as someone else, or they have

what you do not have and you want to be as good or better than

them. But in Christ we are all equal and we have far more than any

one that is not in the family of Christ. We have an eternal inheritance

and because of that, we do not need to be jealous of anyone

or anything - we already have far more!


Quarrelling often comes from an attitude that says, “I am better

than you and I will prove it!” yet Jesus, even though he was far better

than all of us, never felt the need to prove it. He was humble

and a servant to all. Let us have the same humble and serving attitude

 in our lives. So let us not be worldly and childish, but mature

and Christ like.


This meditation is taken from the book ‘Thinky Things Vol 2’ by Robert Prins. Used by permission.
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