This booklet has introduced you to the most important plan you will ever encounter. God's Master plan is for real. It is simple, easy to understand and will happen. Let's briefly review the things we have discovered concerning God's Master Plan.

In Section 1 we found that God does have a plan for the earth. We can be sure that the earth will not end up as a desolate wasteland. God plans to fill the earth with His glory through men and women. It is both exciting and challenging that God needs people like us to make His plan a reality.

Section 2 explained how God is going to make sure His ultimate plan for the earth happens. The promises to Abraham and David, which were never completely fulfilled, speak of a future kingdom on earth. This kingdom will be ruled by Jesus Christ and will be the means by which God eventually fills the earth with His glory. Jesus Christ is coming back soon to set up this kingdom on earth!

In Section 3 we looked at why we have a need for God's Master Plan. The simple reality is that we are all mortal dying creatures. Without God's plan we are destined for unconsciousness in the grave. Some hope to look forward to! God's Master Plan represents our escape from this destiny of death.

Faced with such a choice we might wonder why so many have chosen not to embrace God's Master Plan. Section 4 provided the answer to what stops us from participating in God's Master Plan. Here we found that we are our own worst enemies. The Bible is clear that our sinful nature is the greatest barrier between us and God. To participate in God's Master Plan we must overcome our sinful nature.

In Section 5 we found that Jesus Christ is the key to God's Master Plan. All the promises relating to God's plan point forward to him as the special seed. Jesus Christ is the only man who has perfectly fulfilled God's purpose through his life. As a sinless man he revealed God's glory perfectly. As such he has become the first fruits of those who reveal God's glory - the key to the Master Plan.

The Master Plan centres around the Master Planner. The more we know about the Planner, the better we will understand His plan. In Section 6 we learnt that the Master Planner is God, who is revealed through His name, YHWH, and has chosen to be the Father of those who love Him.

Section 7 proposed one of the most personally challenging questions in this booklet. How can we participate in God's Master Plan? It's all very well gaining an understanding of God's Master Plan but if we don't do anything about it we will never enjoy its benefits. The Bible is clear that God requires obedience from those who want to share in His wonderful plan. Having understood God's plan, we need to repent of our old way of life and then put on Jesus Christ through baptism.

God's Master Plan is all about changing the way people live. In Section 8 we considered some of the characteristics and behaviours expected of citizens of God's Master Plan. The challenge is to live a life as near as we can to that of Christ. We are blessed in that God will provide His grace where we fail.

God's Master Plan is in progress. There is nothing anybody can do to stop it. That is good news for us because it provides the most exciting future we could ever hope for. The challenge is not the future, it is the present. It is what we do now that will determine whether we are given the pleasure to witness the earth filled with the glory of God. May ours be the prayer of all those who live for God's Master Plan - "Even so, come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22v20  AV).