God's Master Plan is the central theme of the Bible. Understanding clearly God's plan and purpose with the earth gives meaning and context to so many parts of the Bible. This booklet has arisen out of a desire to set out in a simple manner the essential elements of God's Plan. Understanding God's Master Plan should form the basis of the faith of any follower of the God of the Bible.

The booklet can be used as an aid or as an introduction to those seeking to understand God's plans for the future. This booklet is best read with a Bible in hand. To maintain clarity and volume many supporting Bible references have not been quoted in full. Readers are encouraged to turn up all Bible references.

We have attempted to write the booklet in a straightforward and easy to read style. The essence of God's Master Plan is simple and easy to understand although there are so many aspects relating to this topic. The challenge has not been on what to include but rather on what to leave out.

We hope that you will find the booklet easy to read and interesting. Most of all we hope that it will stimulate you to read more actively and carefully the most important reference book on God's Master Plan, the Bible.