Editorial. 23.07.2017. Jesus said…

In some Bibles the words of Christ are written in red. When you browse through the Gospels this makes you aware of just how many sayings of Jesus are recorded for us.Bible with Christ's words in red

Have you ever seriously thought about the things he told us?

Most of the population have no time for Jesus. But if everyone, both believer and non-believer, followed his advice and instruction, the world would be a better place.

Our meditation for this week is made up of just some of his sayings. Read them for yourself and you may begin to understand why his teachings are still revolutionary to a self-absorbed and pleasure seeking world and yet give hope to those who have no hope.


Current meditation: Jesus said....


Meditation. 23.07.2017. Jesus said…

If you can read a version of the Bible such as the NIV, where the words of Christ are written in red, it is a rewarding exercise to browse through one ( or all) of the Gospels but read only the words in red. It gives us an uncluttered, simple way of concentrating on the words that Jesus spoke.

One of the best meditations we can experience is to just sit and listen to the words of Jesus. Here then are a few for you to ponder.

EDITORIAL. 8.6.2017. Changes, fear and Jesus


Hebrews 13:8

In our service on Sunday, the speaker began with these words: “I’m here because I know Jesus and I want to know him better.” 

In this world of change – changes in home life, the workplace,  the world – we can often be overcome with fear. Fear of the changes.

For those of us who know Jesus, there is one thing that will never change – Jesus. Our current meditation elaborates further on this comforting aspect of our faith. We invite you to read it and draw encouragement from what it says.

How well do you know Jesus?


 Click here for our current meditation:  Jesus Christ, the Same


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