The Middle East and Bible Prophecy

  • Why The Middle East?
  • But Who could Have Foreseen . . .?
  • The Land of Promise
  • The Vision of the Prophets
  • Israel: A Land Forsaken - Until . . .
  • Bible Prophecies of the Last Days
  • "Be Ye Also Ready"

THE Middle East is the most keenly watched area of the world. And little wonder; it is central to the economic stability of the world. Conflicts in the Middle East inevitably draw in the major powers and for many years it has been the most likely place for World War Ill to begin.


Who are the Christadelphians

  • An Apostolic Fellowship
  • The Name "Christadelphians"
  • A Distinctive Foundation
  • The Whole Bible
  • God, Creator and Father
  • The Vital Earth
  • Israel in God's Purpose
  • Promises to the Patriarchs
  • The Truth about Mankind
  • Man is Mortal
  • The Nature of Jesus
  • Son of God not God the Son
  • The Devil and Satan
  • The Good News
  • Baptism
  • The Kingdom of God
  • When Christ Comes...
  • The Life of Discipleship
  • Peace of Mind

There mus


Good Thinking

Using tools from Cognitive Therapy to overcome unhealthy life patterns

Review of the seminar presented in February by Anna Thompson a Clinical Psychologist

ThinkingAnna used a pleasing combination of hands on activities and information presentation to explain to us what really makes us feel and respond the way we do to the situation or the words and actions of another person.


Bullying in the workplace

Seminar review- NSW Christadelphian Support Network- November 2011.

This topic generated a great deal of interest when it was introduced as part of a larger discussion on bullying earlier in the year.

Christine Smith used her personal experience to outline the stresses caused by workplace bullying, and some of the strategies she had found useful in dealing with it.


Saying "Sorry"

This article is a précis of a seminar presented by Janine Hennig from Adelaide.  Acknowledging that many people have felt great hurt by the harsh treatment they have received from individuals, groups, government legislation or even from their own community, she developed her seminar on the importance of proper apology.

She explored the importance of ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's saying "sorry" to the Aboriginal community, and the importance to them as shown in the following comments:

"Fundamental to our healing"




Bullying is not often associated with Christian people, sadly however, attempts to gain abusive power over others exist in all societies, whatever their expressed ideals. 


Gods Promises to Abraham / Blessings or Curses

This week we are looking at two short prophecies . Both concern the nation of Israel but the first also contains a prophecy which can include ourselves.




How have Gods' promises to Abraham been fulfilled?

God promised Abraham that through him and his descendant (seed or offspring), all families, or races, would be blessed. You can read about these promises in the Book of Genesis (Gen 12v3, 17vs 4-6, 22 v18.) and many references are made to them later in the Bible.