Meditation. 16.4.2007. What if it's true?

churchRecently while travelling in New Zealand we passed this church with the sign outside which asked, “What if it’s true?”

In its simplicity it was so striking that consequently it is being used as the basis for our editorial and meditation this week.

There are many who do not believe in God, the Father and Creator of all, and His Son who died so that we might live. It is easy to ignore anything to do with Christianity and just live life for the moment as we please.

 But what if it’s true? What then are the consequences for those who don’t believe? What are they missing out on?

Even as Christians, when times are tough, we can have little niggling doubts and wonder if it’s true. Is God really there?

Editorial. 16.4.2017. What if it's true?


The permanent sign outside the church reads: “What if it’s true?”

Simple as that.

For those who don’t believe God exists; that Jesus exists; that the world has hope.

“What if it’s true?”






Current meditationWhat if it’s true?


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Editorial. 2.4.2017. Cyclone Debbie.


   Typical eye of a cyclone

Here on the east coast of Australia we are still experiencing the devastating aftermath and effects of Cyclone Debbie which ravaged Queensland this week. Parts of South Eastern Queensland and Northern NSW are still experiencing serious flooding. It is times like this when we realise man is no match against these intense forces of nature.

We are thinking of all those who have been affected by the cyclone and its consequences and pray that services will soon be restored and life may develop some degree of normality.

Our meditation this week is entitled “Flood Waters” and speaks of another flood which had a devastating effect on the world.


Our current meditation: Flood Waters

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