Living Messages - Part 2

In our previous article in this section (see Archives) we commenced a review of some of the most interesting and significant inscriptions from Israel and adjoining countries, arranged in chronological order, with a brief explanation as to why they are so important.

The first four inscriptions in our list were:

  • 1. The Merneptah stele - around 1208 BCE

  • 2. The Zayit stone - late11th century BCE

  • 3. The Gezer stone (calendar) - early 10th century BCE and

Living Messages


The discovery of ancient inscriptions often generates considerable public excitement. Earlier this year three such inscriptions were uncovered during archaeological excavations in Israel. One of these inscriptions, thought to be a small fragment of a commemorative plaque from the eighth century BCE, contains a tantalising sequence of letters that possibly represents part of the name of either the famed king Hezekiah of Judah or Hilkiah who was high priest at the time of king Josiah.1

Time Machines

During the last five years there have been several significant discoveries in Biblical archaeology, all of which have one thing in common - a name; a name of a place or of a person, a name which can transport our minds back, like a time-machine, to a particular individual or place that we've read about in the Bible record.  This amazing list includes:

  • a pottery shard bearing the name of "Goliath", which was found in the Philistine city of Gath;