(The following article is taken from 'The Way of Life' edited by Rob J. Hyndman)  

Prophecies about Israel

Ezekiel 37 is just one of dozens of detailed prophecies about Israel. Israel is the subject of more prophecies than any other nation, simply because the Jews are God's special people. Much of their history has been foretold including events that have taken place in the 20th century. The existence of the people of Israel, the Jews, and the existence of the nation in its biblical land, are evidence for the inspiration of the Bible.

Throughout the prophets, God repeated his intention that he would remember the promises that he made to their faithful ancestors. (e.g. Jeremiah 30:3Ezekiel 36:22-24) Despite their wickedness, ultimately he would bring them again to their own land.

The situation in the Middle East is complicated because both Jews and Arabs have been there for thousands of years, both are descendants of Abraham, and both have received promises from God. However, God has made it clear that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews (see Obadiah, for example).

Human attempts to bring lasting peace to the Middle East will fail sooner or later. One of the consistent stumbling blocks to peace in the region is the city of Jerusalem. God, through the prophet Zechariah, says of Jerusalem:

I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling ... I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. (Zechariah 12:2-3)


Some prophecies about Israel

1. Israel's national birth was predicted by God to Abraham.


Genesis 15

2000 BC


Fulfilled through Abraham's descendants.


2. Israel's disobedience, scattering, preservation and revival was predicted by Moses.


Deuteronomy 28

1500 BC


Fulfilled: scattered in AD 70, returned to land in 20th century, nation reborn 1948.


3. Israel is a continuing witness to God's existence


Isaiah 43:1-210-12

700 BC

4.Though scattered throughout the world, Israel would be preserved.


Jeremiah 30:10-1131:10

600 BC


Fulfilled: The Jews have survived the Spanish inquisition, the Russian pogroms, the Nazi holocaust, and many other attempts to destroy them. Throughout their history, God has preserved a remnant of his people.


5. They would return to the land and regain control of Jerusalem.


Luke 21:24-31

AD 30


Fulfilled: nation reborn 1948, Jerusalem recaptured 1967.



History of Israel

2000 BC

Abraham, the father of the Jews

1400 BC

Israel invades and conquers Canaan and is established as a nation.

1000 BC

King David

605 BC

Jews taken captive to Babylon

538 BC

Jews return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city

AD 70

Romans capture Jerusalem. Jews scattered throughout the world.

AD 1882

First wave of Jewish immigration as a result of Russian pogroms.

AD 1897

1st Zionist congress in Basle, Switzerland

AD 1900

A handful of Jews living in Palestine; Turks in charge.

AD 1904

Second wave of Jewish immigration.

AD 1917

British capture Palestine; Jews begin to move there.

AD 1945-1948

Many Jews who survived World War 2 migrated to Palestine.

AD 1948

State of Israel proclaimed

AD 1948-

Many wars with Arabs; Israel maintains independence; Jews migrate in large numbers.

AD 1994-

Attempted peace settlements with surrounding Arab nations.