Taree Christadelphians

We welcome you to share in our enthusiasm and gratitude
for the life-changing Gospel message found in God's Word the Bible

*Sunday worship - 11:00am St John Ambulance Building, 16 Douglas St, Taree, 2430

(*Please note that due to renovations to the hall, our services are being held online and in homes until further notice. For more information please contact our secretary on 0422 767 408)

Our mission is to praise & serve God, endeavouring to show His grace
and to manifest the love of Jesus as we reach out to others,
inviting them to be part of God’s kingdom family;
and to provide a loving, growing haven where we can encourage
and nurture each other in our lives and worship,
regularly reading the Bible, until Christ returns.

Spiritual Reflection

JUNE 2024

path with sunrays


Our password

It is almost impossible to exist in society without using the internet. And for everything we do on the internet we seem to need a password. We need a password to make a connection; to travel the pathway to our destination.

When it comes to connecting with God, how do we fare? What do we need to make that connection?

Jesus gave us the answer in John 14:5: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (NLT)

Paul confirms this in Acts 4:12: “You can't be saved by believing in anyone else. God has given us no other name under heaven that will save us." (NIRV)

Christ has enabled us to connect with the Father; he is the only pathway.

There is no password in the world which can give us the connection to our Father in heaven. Only through faith in Jesus can we find the right pathway and connect with God.